Carceron is a western isle located in the Tír na nÓg Quarter within the plane of Ossian (see other names). It features many beautiful cities (see Canceron cities); with its own distinct court and council situated within the Findias Province. Carceron is thought to be one of the first isles to be inhabited by the Donnans after the failing Conquest of the Milesians, to which it was used as a binding Tartarus to imprison any Underworlders that entered through an Immram Egress.

Origin Edit

It is said the name Carceron derives from the Latin world 'carcere' meaning 'prison' -- thus one of the many Outerworld influenced names. It is said the draiochta blood warrior Oisin helped construct the original plane of Ossian to which it only featured the Tir na nÓg Quarter, with the help of his wife Niamh Óir. It is unknown whether this is indeed a mythological tale; there is no record of a western isle by the House Findias, who were widely known to have the plane in their possession for hundreds of years. Therefore it is believed that this particular isle was initially constructed by Balaire Findias during the Conquest of the Milesians as a perpetual retreat.